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A Night With The Guy Next Door

A Night With The Guy Next Door


Author Alice

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A Night With The Guy Next Door






A Night With The Guy Next Door

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WARNING!!! 18+ He was watching me as I rode his cock. With our eyes locked together, l began to feel it, it felt so fucking good. His eyes traveled from my eyes , down over my body and stopped at my southern parts. He watched me as I fucked him. It was such a turn on that l couldn't stop , no matter how hard I tried. "Touch yourself, show me how you like to be touched, Rianna....", His eyes came back to mine for a split second before l slid my hands up to my breasts. As l began to massage them and lightly pinch my nipples between my fingers, l watched John watch my every move. His thrusts became more intense as he watched me. "Yeah that's it", He growled. "Fucking hell, woman" *A Night With The Guy Next Door* It isn't normal for a student to have transfer to a completely different university on the opposite side of the country during their last year but Rianna had never been normal and neither her life. Staying at her old school meant putting herself into a scandalous position, forever staining her record while leaving meant she could start over. Choosing to leave, Rianna soon meets a sinfully attractive guy by the man of John who lives next door. However though he was devilishly handsome, there was something very mysterious and dark about him that Rianna couldn't put her finger on. She was desperate to know more about him and one evening of snooping around where she couldn't have been puts her in a very dangerous situation. She just hopes that their Sexual relationship would be enough for him not to kill her. He is dark and scaring.