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Her Identity Is Revealed

Her Identity Is Revealed



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Her Identity Is Revealed






Her Identity Is Revealed

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Seventeen years ago, Ye family held a wrong daughter, and seventeen years later, he was found. s The return of the real daughter is despised by her father, disliked by her grandmother, and disliked by her nominally fiance. Her father "Gu annd Ye family arre married. The Gu family doesn't accept a village girl as a daughter-in-law. For the sake of the interests of both families, we will announce that you are an adopted daughter." Mrs. ye: "your academic performance is too poor to sleep in the master room. Go to the guest room." Fiance: "only the daughter of the Ye family, Mary Ye, is worthy of me. Get out of here!" Yuri said: it doesn't matter. Later The name Yuri appears frequently in the headlines. Uncover secret 1: Yuri is the learning ttalent with full marks in the college entrance examination! Uncover secret 2: the hacker crow is Yyru! Uncover secret 3: No.1 in the list of natural medicine is Yuri! Uncover secret 4: Yuri is Fremmingo's favorite! Uncover secrets 5: Once those who despised Yuri were slapped in the face, kneeling for help, but they were taught by a man.