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Lusting After My Hot Professor

Lusting After My Hot Professor



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Lusting After My Hot Professor






Lusting After My Hot Professor

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"I n-need it deeper, p-please fuck me harder," I moaned, with my sweaty back squished against the bathroom walls. Bruce gazed up at me, his grip on my waist tightening, "Say no more, kitten," He muttered, before pummeling into my wet pussy with sweet, long thrusts. Fuck, how had I waited so long to have Bruce's powerful cock inside me? Now that I finally had it, I never wanted to be apart from it. +++ Nora Simpson is a final year anatomy student at New York state university. She is your typical virgin nerd who always has her nose buried in a book, and has never had a boyfriend since birth. Meanwhile, Bruce Castillo is the hot newly transferred professor in her faculty. When they meet, sparks fly and a wild fire of lust ignites in their respective hearts. What happens when they end up accidentally locked together in the elevator overnight? Will Nora cave in to her untamed lust or will she graduate college with her virginity still very much intact?