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No Choice But To Love

No Choice But To Love



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No Choice But To Love






No Choice But To Love

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For twenty six year old Harley Richmond, Edward Crane was just the rich kind godfather who sponsored her at the orphanage after the death of her parents when she was only ten. Now celebrating her daughter's fifth birthday, Hailey and Edward were confronted by Edward's son Casper who had followed his father when he said he was going on a business trip. "Casper the woman's daughter looks like you and she is definitely your father's mistress." His friend Justine had told him two years ago when he had seen Edward and Hailey together with her daughter Orla for the first time. Last year he had seen him again the same date as the previous year at the same hotel. This year Casper had decided to catch his father red handed. "So, dad this is what you have been up to, spending your time with this girl not even caring for your own dying wife.” "It's not what you think son. Hailey is not my mistress and Orla is not my daughter” "She surely looks like me dad…….and if she is not your daughter then whose daughter is she……? Could she be Casper's daughter but how……? If so, what is he going to do?......Will there be any more surprises…?

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