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One Night Stand With My Billionaire Boss

One Night Stand With My Billionaire Boss


Rita Usoh

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One Night Stand With My Billionaire Boss






One Night Stand With My Billionaire Boss

Rating: 6.0/10 from 82 ratings

Alexa, a journalist resigned from her job and decided to move on due to her failed relationship, a relationship she had thought would never end. Leaving Illinois and taking a break from journalism, seemed like the best distraction for her. She moved to California to start up her new life. She chose to forget about love and move on with desire, in her quest for a job, she meets and ends up spending a night with him. Luckily for her, getting a job wasn't as hard as she had imagined, but finding out her boss was the guy she had spent a night with? Things went the way she wanted, but one thing didn't go as planned and that was the love she started developing for her boss. The sudden interest she developed for him resulted in her quitting because she found it uneasy having her boss as a lover. After a series of thoughts, she finally made up her mind to go back into journalism, but ended up working in the company of her ex-boyfriend! This was exactly the past she had been running away from.

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