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The Devil's Possession

The Devil's Possession


Daii MO

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The Devil's Possession






The Devil's Possession

Rating: 6.0/10 from 64 ratings

**WARNING! ?? THIS STORY CONTAINS ALOT OF MATURE SCENES** "Now you are mine and mine only....You are my possession." Clara Henry doesn't have an easy life. Ever since her father was forced out of the mafia world, she is denied of her freedom and locked away in her room for the sake of hiding from a ruthless mafia boss who goes by the name 'Devil.' However, Clara refuses to concede and sneaks out every night in search of someone to sweep away her worries in bed. One lucky night, she finds exactly what she had been searching for; a guy who has it all...the looks...the charisma...the dominance. It was a night of pure passion between the two; a woman who doesn't do relationships and a man who always gets what he wants. But the following day, Clara's house is invaded by a group of thugs, the leader being the man whom she desperately yearns for as well as the man whom her father fears to the point where he resorts to hiding...And it so happens that he wants Clara in exchange for sparing the lives of her parents. #love #obsession #possessive #mafiaboss #plottwist #jealousy #action #strongfemalelead #dominace