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The Vampire's Pleasure Slave

The Vampire's Pleasure Slave



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The Vampire's Pleasure Slave






The Vampire's Pleasure Slave

Rating: 6.0/10 from 77 ratings

Warnings ?? Contains strong mature content. **** “I'm sorry, master,” Star shivered as the vampire slipped his finger into her wet slippery p*ssy. “It's late for this. You broke a law, princess. It's time to receive your punishment.” He inserted another finger into her wet pink virgin hole. “Ahh.” The princess cried out when he added yet another finger. “Please, stop—” “Take it, whore. This is your punishment.” He joined the fourth finger to the ones already inserted. **** Who would have thought going on a hunt will bring these many problems for the young princess? Headstrong and arrogant, the young Princess was always ready to cause trouble. A headache to her father, and her mother's pride. She thought the world was hers to do as she pleases. But that was until she stepped foot into the forbidden castle, unknowingly awakening a vampire Lord who was determined to make the feisty Princess, his pet. What happens when miss arrogant meets an arrogant master? Read to find out! Note: This book contains strong mature content.

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