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The Villian

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The Villian

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THE VILLIAN Written By: Rosapearl ? Synopsis? Olivia Smith is Clifford college most popular girl, she is the envy of the girls and a sight for a sore eyes of the guys. she is from a average family. her parent run a restaurant in town. she is beautiful, alluring, intelligent, bold, confident, sexy, gracious and a nerd. she has everyone attention when she walks. Her big glass and back pack always look funny thou. Miller Jill is a jerk, hot guy with a athletic build body, he look like he is in his twenties even in his seventeenth. He love playing around and teasing. He has been Olivia Smith best friend since grade one. Who doesn't like Miller Hill, everyone does except from Charlotte Davies who is always cold, she is a nerd, and also a competition to Olivia Smith but was not the case because of her lonely life. But like they say, don't judge a book by its cover, Behind her solitude attitude, Charlotte Davies was broken, her family issue was affecting her Charlotte is from a wealthy family, her dad is a politician and her late mum was a lawyer. Her step mum is always over controlling and her elder brother always argue with her. He do tell her she is a gold digger. " you won't tell me what to do, when to do it. I hate you and I hope you stay on your lane" " you should be glad I marry your dad earlier enough after your mum death, what if I had marry him and have him divorce your mum, maybe she will have die of depression and not whatever you think kill her " " You are such a b!tch that do not deserve to live" he yelled at her This argument kept on whenever my elder brother Chris need anything and dad tell him to go through his step mum who he loathe a lot. She always find everything Miller Hill do irritating, she love to be alone and think, she is never ready for a competition, she use studies to engage herself not to be depressed. Will Miller Hill fall for his best friend or his enemy? Will Olivia Smith ever be cool with Charlotte?